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Fifteen years ago, a group of autistic children parents along with young psychotherapists established the Polish Society for Behavioral Therapy (PSTB). Only a few years earlier, after a fall of the Iron Curtain, it became possible to train therapists in this field. Being aware of the positive aspects of behavioral therapy, they implemented it in Poland. Behavioral therapy teaches how to live with disability and how to counteract its effects.

Over past few years, more than 4,500 families, many of which come from various parts of the country have benefited from PSTB assistance. In 2014, the Society launched the new program in Kraków - „Umiem Special School” - the first and so far the only school complex of this type in Poland.

Autistic children are unable to express themselves through emotions in a way understandable to majority of us. That is why it is so difficult for their parents and therapists, as warm and empathy is what we would like to see in our close ones.

I did not want to show attacks of aggression, twisted fingers or inability to communicate with words. More important to me was drawing attention to their standstillness in their own worlds. I wanted to find a hidden beauty and show that nothing in them is broken. They are just different.

Project was financed by Polish Society for Behavioral Therapy on the occasion of it's 15th anniversary.

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