Skuka [скука]

rus. boredom; (2017 - ongoing)

There are 6 million people living in the ATO zone: «the territory of the anti-terrorist operation», as defined in Ukrainian legislation. It consists of parts of the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, which experienced or continue to experience the armed conflict. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, at least 9,758 people were killed on both sides of the conflict in Donbas, including more than 2,000 civilians, and about 22,800 people were wounded (apr. 2014 - dec. 2016).

Two worlds function side by side. Ability to adapt to the situation is what connects both soldiers and ordinary people. There is so much boredom and stability in conflict I found myself in. Life goes on. Children are dancing, woman take pride in their own appearance, everybody eats and drinks as they used to and parties when there’s an occasion to do so. On the surface, life seems as it was before. I want to find out how is it possible.

Pisochnyy Kar'yer - view towards the frontline, north from Dontesk.

Inhabited blockhouse in Avdiivka destroyed by artillery fire.

Blockhouse, Avdiivka.

UDA (Ukrainskiy Dobrovolcheskaya Armiya) fortifications, Marinka.

Pravyi Sektor Base, Dontesk Oblast

Morgue next to hospital in Avdiivka.

Intesive Care Unit in Avdiivka’s hospital.

Blockhouse, Avdiivka.

Blockhouse, Avdiivka.

Room used for breakdance classes, Avdiivka.

UDA paramedic unit in Marinka.

Ukrainian Army ambulance, Avdiivka.

UDA unit, Marinka.

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